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Totes! From Pearl River!

Plastic Rectangular Tote Bag (18 in. x12 in.)

Carry all your summer trinklets in these colorful plastic totes!

Hemp Patchwork Tote Bag

This cute and soft hemp bag will suit you for most occasions--on the go or lying there on your couch!

Kam Kam Tote Bag – Olive

Walk around with a Kam Kam cat peering out the side.


Pearl River Photo Contest!

Pearl River Photo Contest for our Facebook Friends!

Photo contest submission deadline extended to Monday, June 14th!

Click on photo below for details!


Summer parasols!

Check out our傘 (parasols)! In time for the sun and the beach!

Painted Paper Parasol

In need of shade? Cast a shadow on yourself with these painted parasols. Make a statement in the sun!

Made with oil paper and bamboo, and Chinese hand crafted. Assorted prints. Available in both 32 inch diameter and 42 inch diameter. (Item # CHE-G1140/56)

32” – $4.50
42” – $5.95

Check Out Our Summer Arrivals!

Kick off the summer with our newest arrivals:

Vivid Color Butterfly Ornament Clip Set – Assorted

Box set of 10 assorted-size, vivid color, feather butterflies. Butterfly size is about 4.25 in. x 3.25 in. US $9.50 (Item# 01-CCHC-B082079)

Glittered Butterfly Ornament Clip Set – Assorted

Box set of 10 assorted glittered feather butterflies. Each butterfly size:4.5 in. x 3.5 in. US $9.50 (Item# 01-CCHC-B082111)

Summer Lantern Promotion

Here’s your chance to get a great deal on some of our best-selling lanterns!

Rice Paper Square Lantern

Available in 2 colors: Beige in Fiber, White. Sizes: 12 in. x 12in. x 15 in. (h) US $8.50

Bamboo Rib Oval Paper Lantern

Bamboo Framed Lantern. Size: 18 inches diameter on colors. (24 inches is also available in White). Color: White, Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Mango, Chartreuse, Turquoise and Chocolate. US $7.50

Hanging Lantern

Size: 8 in. dia. Colors: White, Red, Orange, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Lime, and Pink. The base color matches the lantern color.
**Use 2-AA batteries (not included). US $4.50

Spherical Paper Lantern

Wire frame. Size: Various. US $1.75 to $24.50

Crossing Bamboo Frame Lantern

Color: White, or Beige with Fiber. Sizes: Various. US $ 3.00 to $9.50


Newlywed’s First Kiss


Hand Painted Clay Figurines - Set of 2. Size: 5.5 in. tall. US $12.50 (Item# 04-GGI-26-2)


Buddha’s Birthday

This Friday (5/21) is The Buddha’s (aka Prince Siddhārtha Gautama) birthday! Major festivities will be taking place all across Asia in places like Nepal, India, Hong Kong, South Korea and Thailand. Check out our extensive collection of Buddhist statues and products:


Stealing Style (sfgirlbybay)

Cross-posted from sfgirlbybay:

stealing style: pearl river.


hand-painted mesh lanterns (from $19.50).

ever been to pearl river? if you’ve never visited their new york soho store, you can always shop online, and always find a few great bargains.

i thought i’d start a new weekly post, ’stealing style’ featuring items for the budget-but-style-conscious in all of us. this week, a look at pearl river – a virtual treasure trove of really cheap, and yet great finds for around the house. from bamboo blinds, to paper lanterns and culinary kitchenware, pearl river’s prices are hard to beat.


screaming orange sake set ($32.50), fun fishbowl paper lantern ($9.50), enamel dishes ($1.50), and camp stools ($19.50) that come in a variety of colors and print patterns.


vintage chinese tripod stool ($85.00), barrel-shaped paper noguchi-like table lamp ($24.50), bamboo bird cage ($49.50) and a very happy good morning white towel ($1.95).


pretty, funky flower towels ($2.25), longevity soup spoons (.65¢) striped terrycloth towels ($1.75) and classic longevity teacups ($1.25).


a variety of Guang Sang Tea (from $2.25) in pretty, collectible tins. i’d keep these around when the tea’s all gone, for storing buttons and knick-knacks — the price is great for the tin alone!

Read more at sfgirlbybay


Lion Dance Pictures

Here are photos from our Year of the Tiger lion dance event. Click on an image to enlarge. You can also watch a video of the dance, courtesy Tan Dao Kung Fu.

Ceremonial good luck lettuce, moments before it is ravenously consumed by our New Year's guests.

The ceremonial good luck lettuce, moments before it is ravenously consumed by our New Year's guests.


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Pearl River’s Year of the Tiger Celebration: Our Best Lion Dance Ever

In keeping with our time-honored tradition, Pearl River hosted our annual New Year’s Lion Dance on February 21. We rang in the Year of the Tiger with an extravagant show by Master Wen’s martial arts troupe (which is as much a Chinatown institution as we are). Watch the video below:

Thanks to Tandao Kung Fu for their excellent film work. Thanks to our loyal customers (and new fans) for braving the chilly weather to celebrate with us. We look forward to sharing many more Lunar New Years with you.

To learn more about the Lion Dance, go here.


TASCHEN’s New York features Pearl River

TASCHEN, an international publisher known for its visually captivating art books, features Pearl River in its guide to New York. The massive volume is a brilliantly sophisticated spin on the traditional tourist guide, covering hotels, attractions, eats, drinks, and untrammeled corners to explore. Pearl River is noted as a landmark in the city’s shopping scene.  Below we present some clippings, but you really should get the whole book to experience its rich pastiche of images. It brings a fresh perspective to the city that even native New Yorkers will appreciate!